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"Carly Alvarez was recommended by my daughter.

She worked very hard because we lived in Georgia and couldn't assist with the searches. But with Carly's it was about finding us a home we love rather than making a sale. I would recommend Carly Alvarez to anyone who appreciates a positive, low stress approach."


"The FLG was recommended by a family member.

Rob Hartman with the Frank Leach Group was super knowledgeable, helpful, prompt with communication, and always available when we needed him. He wasn't just trying to sell us a house. He looked at many different things in a house to ensure we would get a good home."

Mr. and Mrs. Reichert

"Carly Alvarez .

..where do I even begin! If you don't have this agent helping you on one of the hardest decisions of your life, then you are missing out. I have never met a person that puts 120% in what they do with so much passion and poise. She worked around the clock 24/7 to make sure I felt safe, secure, and up-to-date with every little step. As a first time home buyer there are so many variables that come into play. If there was even a chance she didn't know the answer to something she would dig as deep as possible or talk to the people necessary to make sure she was giving me accurate, honest, and productive answers as quickly as possible. She made paperwork(the most exhausting part) feel seamless. She dropped anything she was doing to show a home to me.. even working around my crazy schedule. So, if I had to see a home at 9pm she was on it. She pointed out so many things even in the homes that I wouldn't have noticed or even knew. Whether it be about quality, appreciation in the area, work that the home needed, contracts within buying the property, comparisons in investing or having it as a primary residence she made sure that I understood exactly what I was looking for and getting myself into. I cannot stress enough the difficulties she surpassed in trying to close on a home during a pandemic. I will always appreciate how much she pressed and went through loopholes just to be able to close on time and not lose my home. She wasn't just an agent, she was playing many different roles throughout the whole process. Her confidence and grounded nature is what helped my anxiety until the end. She didn't hesitate to grab a coffee and sit with me for hours or respond to my million messages to answer my questions. I was looking at a condo for months and it wasn't on the market and I expressed to her how badly I wanted it. She put in the effort to write letters to the owners in the off-chance that someone was going to sell. To my disbelief it worked and fast forward through all the crazy, I got my dream home. Her closing gift to me was so meaningful, well put together, and so much more than I ever expected. She made note of details I mentioned throughout the whole process and made sure to include those small touches to my gift. This woman is a compassionate, hard working gem that I could go on and on about! Thank you forever! I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again!"

Anthea K.

"Jennifer Williamson was recommended by our RE/MAX Broker in Sacramento, CA.

Jennifer was completely committed to us and our transaction. She gave her all to accomplish our goals quickly. Jennifer's amazing networking skills, and communication with the Seller's Agent made all the difference in our purchase. We are very pleased with the service we received from Jennifer Williamson and would recommend her highly."

Mr. and Mrs. Portnoff

"Tyree Smiley introduced himself to me and sold my home.

Unfortunately since I'm moving out of the area I can't use Tyree to help with the purchase of my next home, but I would recommend Tyree to my friends because he was willing to help out and answered all my questions."


"Our deal was very small lot on a lake but it got complicated from previous court rulings on property lines that had never been recorded.

Frank Leach with the Frank Leach Group worked hard with the Title company to resolve the issues resulting in a satisfactory closing on the property. We would recommend using the Frank Leach Group because they have excellent experience and knowledge of the business."

Mr. and Mrs. Soule

"A family member referred Carly Alvarez who is absolutely, astonishingly efficient, knowledgeable, practical, organized.

..the list goes on. She is everything I hoped for in a Broker. This was the smoothest and quickest real estate transaction I've ever experienced all thanks to Carly's talent and dedication. For all the reasons above, I highly recommend calling Carly Alvarez today!"

Cornwell and Lisandrelli

Carly Alvarez was recommended by our niece.

She was very easy to work with and understand. If she didn't know the answer to our questions she would talk to her Designated Broker and get right back to us. I have already recommend Carly Alvarez to my friends."


"A friend recommended the Frank Leach Group to us and we worked with Rob Hartman to purchase our 1st home.

Later we worked with Frank Leach to sell that home and Rob Hartman again to purchase another home because he was so awesome. Frank and Rob are professionals with loads of knowledge of the area. It's always a great experience working with them. We really appreciated all of Rob's did for us especially when we were located on opposite sides of the country. We are truly happy and grateful. We just can't say enough about our experience. Thanks Guys!"


"We would recommend Frank Leach with the Frank Leach Group in a minute.

He is professional, courteous, and compassionate."

Jonathan and Mary

"We've used RE/MAX in the past.

Jennifer Williamson was amazing, very on point, organized, efficient and has an amazing spirit. Jennifer did a 5 star job from start to finish. We most definitely will recommend Jennifer Williamson to others!"

Mr. and Mrs. Maddy

"I've used RE/MAX in my past and have enjoyed the experiences.

If it's working and working well, why would I want to change anything?"


"I emailed questions to several brokers who never replied but Frank Leach with the Frank Leach Group did reply and was willing to work with me to sell my mother's estate.

There were a lot of agencies that would help, but Frank Leach did. I would recommend him to my friends!"


"Frank Leach and Rob Hartman with the Frank Leach Group have worked with us before.

We are very thankful for Frank's expertise in selling our home and for Rob's help with locating our new home. We recommend the FLG to all our friends."


"Frank Leach with the Frank Leach Group was recommended by a Broker from another company that was unsuccessful in selling our property.

Frank was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and got results selling our property for more than the asking price. We give Frank Leach an A+!"


"I would recommend Irene Garcia, she is the best!

I learned so much from her. She is willing to go the extra mile to get the job done."


Tyree Smiley received 5 Stars for his communication, knowledge, service, over all experience and is highly recommended by his Clients.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

"Carly Alvarez was recommended to us by our financial advisor and loan officer.

Carly provided good support and is amazing with communication. If she didn't know the answer she would search it out. She really cared about us even though she had other clients she always made us feel like we were the only ones. If you're looking for a broker, work with Carly Alvarez you'll be so happy you did!"


"My transaction was difficult due to funding issues.

But Carly Alvarez helped me find the perfect house and held my hand through the whole process. She was thoughtful, knowledgeable and amazing every step of the way!"

K. Allen

"We knew Frank with the Frank Leach Group prior to the land sale, and valued our prior experience with him.

It's always a please to work with Frank Leach. His real estate knowledgeable is invaluable, resulting in a professional and smooth transaction."

Maya and Dave

"Carly Alvarez was recommended by a dear friend.

This was our first home purchase and Carly was OUTSTANDING! She made us feel taken care of and appreciated throughout the process. She answered all our questions with confidence and shared in our experiences. We are so thrilled to share our first home purchase with such a passionate and dedicator Realtor we now call friend."

Brennan and Hannah

"Rob Hartman with the Frank Leach Group took extra time to look over the home and property to help us understand things we didn't now before.

For our first home, it was very appreciated!"


"Irene Garcia goes above and beyond.

She is great and I would recommend her to my friends and family. She's the Best!"


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